Apartment Renovation!

After completing my master’s program and finishing up my tenure with the Smithsonian’s ocean education platform, the Ocean Portal, I thought a change in scenery was much needed and deserved. So back in May I left the north east and moved to Florida to start my new career as a freelance writer in a new setting. I love Florida’s weather because year round I have the opportunity to get outdoors, whether that be for inspiration, exercise, or just a little sunshine and fresh air.

One of the most exciting aspects of moving to Florida was getting to renovate my new place from start to finish! From the moment I arrived in May up until the day I left for my road trip in June, I was organizing the apartment renovation. Ordering flooring, painting walls, moving and selling old furniture, buying new furniture, the whole lot!

By time I left for my road trip, the walls and floors were complete and the furniture was on order. All I needed to do when I got back was put everything together. Except my amazing parents, my mom and step dad Randal, surprised me by putting the whole thing together for me! I got to return home to my completely finished, dream apartment.

My heart aches a bit thinking of this moment, my mom excitedly showing me every little thought out detail. It was absolutely perfect, from the arm chairs perfectly aligned to the design on the rug, to the soft Ugg throw blanket to the bar cart adorned with a plaque that reads, “Home is where your Mom is.” I remember exactly where we stood as I hugged her and said I love you. I had no idea that’d be the last time I hugged her, or the last time I’d be able to say those words to ears that could still hear me.

This blog post comes belated as my apartment has this strong emotional moment now attached to it. But I’m ready to begin to open up, so thank you for sharing in this moment with me. On this blog post I want to share some before and after photos and provide links to where I made some of my purchases!

Living Room





One of the first things I wanted to do was get the flooring replaced and the walls painted. Especially in this room, the carpet had to go!  For the floors I went with an Eco-friendly bamboo flooring with high durability. I want floors that last to save not just my wallet but as a nod to the planet too! Flooring from Floor & Decor.


I got rid of all the existing furniture except the couch. I knew I wanted a fun area rug and found this beautiful design on Wayfair. A perfect match for my blue pinstriped couch! The standing lamp, coffee table, and TV stand are all from WayFair too!






We pulled out the stops for the bedroom furniture. This fabric headboard alongside the nightstand and dresser are higher end pieces from Crate and Barrel. 






This unique vanity light was secretly one of my favorite little details! The light and the mirror are from Wayfair.







The kitchen was the area that had the least work done. We replaced the tile with the same bamboo flooring all throughout the kitchen and living room space. The walls were also lightened up, straying away from that harsh blue tone. A few new appliances and a comfier bar stool, found at Marshall’s!