Getting on the road

Traveling in America amidst unrest, a call for social justice, and a global pandemic.

This isn’t the time when you’d readily be thinking about living out of a car on the West Coast with your college roommate for two weeks, but the world in crisis aligned with my quarter life crisis, so on the road I go.

As a freelance writer and a person who thrives off of deep reflection and connection to outdoor spaces, this trip is the perfect opportunity to spark inspiration for my work and personal growth moving forward.

I want to emphasize the importance of mindfulness and awareness on this trip, especially in terms of my impact on people and the planet. I plan to put this into practice in a number of ways throughout this trip, especially in terms of my safety, the safety of others, and sustainability while on the road.

I wanted to announce my trip so those interested can keep an eye out for updates, blog posts, and potentially publications related to my time and reflections while on the road.

First stop is Fresno to visit Yosemite National Park … stay tuned for where I’m off to next location on my blog and on Instagram!



A quick note on the featured photo: At the beginning of this year I set an intention to be more aware of my impacts on both people and the planet. One of the goals that falls into this category is to refuse single use plastics as often as possible. ♻️ I’ll be honest, keeping up with this goal hasn’t ended up being one of my biggest focuses this year (and all the unexpected take out orders have definitely taken a toll). Ive learned I don’t have to feel guilty though. When it comes to taking environmental action, there’s also a need for adaptability. What’s important is to remain informed and at the very least be conscious of choices, know that its ok to be an imperfect eco warrior.