Wait, Why? Podcast


My best friend Tori and I have set out to investigate questions, interests, and popular thought through a relaxed, relatable, open conversation on our new podcast, Wait, Why?

Listen to our trailer episode to learn more about us and the podcast! Stay tuned every other Wednesday for more Wait, Why?

Season 1

Episode 1: Why host a podcast? 

Episode 2: Why are kids so gullible?

Episode 3: Why is accessibility important?

Episode 4: Why road trip? part 1

Episode 5: Why road trip? part 2

Episode 6: Why vote? 

Episode 7: Why do we ignore red flags? 

Episode 8: Why does our motivation change from day to day?

Episode 9: Why do we try to define our identity? 

Episode 10: Wait, Why? Holiday Happy Hour

Episode 11: Why monitor our screen time?

Season 2

Episode 12: Why you should follow your dreams: Sage Kashmanian

Episode 13: Why do pets do the things they do?

Episode 14: Why you should follow your dreams: Jake & Jon

Episode 15: Why you should follow your dreams: Holly Skinner 

Episode 16: Why you should follow your dreams: Owoade Kadara

Episode 17: Why you should stay in a hostel

Episode 18: Why you should follow your dreams: Joy Lee

Episode 19: Earth Day Sustainability Special!

Episode 20: Why Om?

Episode 21: Why do we dream?

Episode 22: Why didn’t we learn about Juneteenth? 

Episode 23: Why college isn’t for everyone: Emma Paris

Episode 24: Why do we drink coffee? 

Episode 25: Why do we “people please”?

Episode 26: ONE YEAR Anniversary Special (w/ bloopers!)

Episode 27: Why have a daily routine?

Episode 28: Why is that trending?

Episode 29: Why you should practice letting go

Episode 30: Why do we celebrate Halloween? 

Episode 31: Why do we get tattoos? 

Episode 32: 2nd Annual Holiday Special! 

Season 3

Episode 33: Why set resolutions?

Episode 34: Why do we fear change? 

Episode 35: Why do we say that? part 1: classic phrases

Episode 36: Why do we say that? part 2: urban slang

Episode 37: Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day? part 1

Episode 38: Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day? part 2

Episode 39: Why is dating so difficult?

Episode 40: Why we should reduce our carbon footprint

Episode 41: Why do we get embarrassed? 

Bonus Episodes!

Wait, Why? BONUS Episode!

Bonus Episode with Lauren Caba & Emma Lysek

Bonus Episode with Emma Lysek

Bonus Episode: Costa Rica Recap!

Bonus Episode!

Bonus Episode Mash Up with Kelsy Waack & Emma Lysek

Bonus Episode!

Birthday BONUS Episode! 

Bonus Episode! 

BONUS Episode: Tulum Adventure Recap

BONUS episode: 90s trivia! 

BONUS episode: seltzer tasting!

BONUS episode: extended life updates!

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