Wait, Why? Podcast


My best friend Tori and I have set out to investigate questions, interests, and popular thought through a relaxed, relatable, open conversation on our new podcast, Wait, Why?

Listen to our trailer episode to learn more about us and the podcast! Stay tuned every Friday for more Wait, Why?

Season 1

Episode 1: Why host a podcast? 

Episode 2: Why are kids so gullible?

Episode 3: Why is accessibility important?

Episode 4: Why road trip? part 1

Episode 5: Why road trip? part 2

Episode 6: Why vote? 

Episode 7: Why do we ignore red flags? 

Episode 8: Why does our motivation change from day to day?

Episode 9: Why do we try to define our identity? 

Episode 10: Wait, Why? Holiday Happy Hour

Episode 11: Why monitor our screen time?

Season 2

Episode 12: Why you should follow your dreams: Sage Kashmanian

Episode 13: Why do pets do the things they do?

Episode 14: Why you should follow your dreams: Jake & Jon

Episode 15: Why you should follow your dreams: Holly Skinner 

Episode 16: Why you should follow your dreams: Owoade Kadara

Episode 17: Why you should stay in a hostel

Episode 18: Why you should follow your dreams: Joy Lee

Episode 19: Earth Day Sustainability Special!

Episode 20: Why Om?

Episode 21: Why do we dream?

Episode 22: Why didn’t we learn about Juneteenth? 

Episode 23: Why college isn’t for everyone: Emma Paris

Episode 24: Why do we drink coffee? 

Episode 25: Why do we “people please”?

Episode 26: ONE YEAR Anniversary Special (w/ bloopers!)

Episode 27: Why have a daily routine?

Episode 28: Why is that trending?

Episode 29: Why you should practice letting go

Episode 30: Why do we celebrate Halloween? 

Episode 31: Why do we get tattoos? 

Episode 32: 2nd Annual Holiday Special! 

Season 3

Episode 33: Why set resolutions?

Episode 34: Why do we fear change? 

Episode 35: Why do we say that? part 1: classic phrases

Episode 36: Why do we say that? part 2: urban slang

Episode 37: Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day? part 1

Episode 38: Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day? part 2

Episode 39: Why is dating so difficult?

Episode 40: Why we should reduce our carbon footprint

Episode 41: Why do we get embarrassed? 

Episode 42: Life Updates and Recent Travels

Episode 43: Why be more open about our mental health?

Episode 44: Why is everything so expensive right now?

Episode 45: Why do we like to listen to true crime?

Episode 46: Why celebrate? Our 2 Year Anniversary Special!

Episode 47: Why do people get married?

Episode 48: Why are some people built differently?

Episode 49: Life updates and BIG news!

Episode 50: Why do people love drama? 

Episode 51: Why did we study marine science? Part 1

Episode 52: Why did we study marine science? Part 2: Anjali and Maria

Episode 53: Why did we study marine science? Part 3

Episode 54: Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?

Episode 55: Why we’re all interconnected

Episode 56: Life Updates: Baby Shower, Thanksgiving, and Baby Moon!

Episode 57: 3rd Annual Holiday Special! 

Bonus Episodes!

Wait, Why? BONUS Episode!

Bonus Episode with Lauren Caba & Emma Lysek

Bonus Episode with Emma Lysek

Bonus Episode: Costa Rica Recap!

Bonus Episode!

Bonus Episode Mash Up with Kelsy Waack & Emma Lysek

Bonus Episode!

Birthday BONUS Episode! 

Bonus Episode! 

BONUS Episode: Tulum Adventure Recap

BONUS episode: 90s trivia! 

BONUS episode: seltzer tasting!

BONUS episode: extended life updates!

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