Currently based in St. Petersburg, Florida, I’m a freelance science writer with interests in environment, sustainability, and wildlife topics.

My recent and current positions include freelancing for the Smithsonian’s ocean education platform, the Ocean Portal, writing for sustainable shoe company Sanuk’s blog, and working on the editorial team for Johns Hopkins University’s The Science Writer.

My stories have also been published with Smithsonian Magazine online, Motif Magazine, and the Well.

I started working in aquariums at the age of 16 and from there my interests piqued. I earned a B.S Marine Science and a B.A English from Jacksonville University. My research experience includes studying coral reef and nearshore hard-bottom ecosystems in the Florida Keys. Starting in the fall of 2018, I studied flamboyant cuttlefish behavior and embryology as a cephalopod operations intern at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA.

I’ve since identified a passion for communicating my interests in wildlife and the environment. I recently graduated with a MA in Science Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. When I’m not writing, I enjoy traveling, sailing, and cat cuddling.

My mission is to connect individuals from diverse career and racial backgrounds who have a desire to be informed and enlightened on environment, sustainability, nature, and wildlife topics. I hope to provide resources that lend to informed lifestyle choices by producing content that explores where spirit, science, and self intersect.

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Recent Writing

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Sanuk Blog ¦ Published April 8, 2022

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The Ocean Portal ¦ Published August 2021

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