Mission Statement

My mission is to connect individuals from diverse career and racial backgrounds who have a desire to be informed and enlightened on environment, sustainability, nature, and wildlife topics. I hope to provide resources that lend to informed choices for our lifestyle by producing content that explores where spirit, science, and self intersect.

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Recent Writing

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Navigating the Waters with Micronesian Stick Charts

The Ocean Portal ¦  Published April 14, 2020

Deep-Sea Squids Glow to Communicate in the Dark 

Smithsonian Magazine ¦ Published April 6, 2020

Get Your Ocean Fix From Home

The Ocean Portal ¦ Published March 30, 2020

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Master’s Thesis

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Underwater Wisdom

A Collection of Articles & Essays on Careers that Explore Aquatic Worlds

The Johns Hopkins University ¦ May 2020


Social Media

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