Returning to my sustainable goals

Every year I set goals to try to work towards living a more sustainable lifestyle, but I think we can all agree this has been a tough year for motivation and progress. I’ve admittedly fallen off track with my sustainable goals, especially with an influx of take out due to the COVID quarantine.

Today I’m sharing three simple things I’ve been doing lately to get back on track. These are simple changes you could make in your life too!

1. No Plastic Drinks

No plastic drinks is a movement I became of while living in Washington D.C. Their mission lies in the fact that pollution from beverages bottles is a major part of the worlds plastic problem. Their goal is to get people to pledge to avoid plastic beverages and this has since been a goal of mine. Instead of plastic, I try to opt for glass or canned if there’s something I want. Or you could not buy soda all together, especially since Coca Cola is the number one plastic polluter in the world (more on how you can use your dollar to reflect your values on the next episode of Wait, Why? out on Wednesday!)

2. Reducing Vampire Energy

Before I leave the house when I’m traveling I unplug my coffee maker, toaster oven, and any chargers in plugs to reduce vampire energy. Vampire energy is electrical power consumed by devices even when they’re off or in standby mode. Another perk, this helps to reduce your electric bill too!

3. Back to the Basics: Recycling

Where I moved to in Florida doesn’t recycle, but I’ve found a drop off and have started taking it myself again! If your neighborhood doesn’t recycle, I encourage you to take the initiative to collect and drop off your own recycling at a nearby collection center.