Confidence Kindness-4

This book touches on intentions, motivation, and affirmations as we all navigate through this crazy journey we call life! Learn about setting & achieving goals, working towards your dreams, and staying true to your heart and soul through living a mindful and connected life.

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Reviews for Confidence, Kindness, & Kicking Ass

“You are such a beautiful writer Hannah! Your ebook gave me goosebumps! Congrats gal you’re amazing” – TC

“Congrats on the book babe! I just read through it and it was exactly what I needed! Amazon got five stars from me” -SD

“Your book is fantastic! It has such great advice and a good reminder to step back and slow down” – SC

“Gratitude towards all that you have achieved, blessing in the past – as I enter retirement I continue to reflect on all my achievements from being blessed with opportunities given me in my IT career. I’m truly grateful and blessed from my professional and personal life experiences. Truly have lived my dreams! Very good, timely read for me” – TK

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