Thrifty for sixty

I updated my fall/winter wardrobe with a few staple items that I thrifted for just $60! I often opt for secondhand , in fact a majority of my wardrobe is thrifted or something I picked up from friends.

I know thrifting can seem intimidating. One of the things I hear often is that thrifting can be too much work when there’s so much to look through. This may be true of large thrift stores like Savers (where these thrifted finds are from) or Goodwill, but you can always be on the look out for local thrift stores which typically will have smaller, more curated collections! (hint: Plato’s Closet is also a great place to shop more curated, secondhand clothes)

Either way, I’m here today to show you cute, affordable fashion that’s friendly for the environment too!

Why thrift?

Thrifting is the most eco-friendly approach fashion. A lot of resources go into making clothes, think: water, energy (carbon), and labor. When clothes get tossed, it’s essentially a waste of all the energy and water that went into to making them, not to mention it just ends up in landfill. I’ve talked about this in detail before in this post.

In short, thrifting means reducing your carbon footprint by keeping garments out of the garbage and decreasing the demand for producing new clothes and using even more energy. Oh, and not to mention, thrifting is easy on the wallet! Speaking of which …

My thrifted sixty


This cozy, button down cardigan:


This collared sweater (LOVE the color of this!) paired with these Pacsun jeans:


That’s right! You can find brand names at thrift shops. Pacsun jeans paired with little black booties: IMG_2118

These comfy stretch-material pants can be styled up for work or styled down for a comfy day at home. I dressed them up by pairing it with this cream colored sweater with white sleeves and a thick collar:

These brown boots, which I’ve been wearing practically nonstop (Pacsun jeans again!):


Thanks for reading through! I hope this inspires you to make an eco-friendly move by trying your hand at thrifting or at least to freshen up your fall wardrobe!