Releasing a section of my ebook: How to effectively set goals

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I’ve always been a big advocator for goal setting and reaching your full potential! You can easily invest in bettering yourself by setting goals throughout the year (for me, monthly goals or at least monthly goal check-ins are useful for staying on top of things!) No matter what goals you’re setting, remember that this is about your personal journey towards self growth.

Setting goals in all aspects of life is a good practice to have. Whether you’re setting monthly goals in your personal life or longer term goals in your professional life, it’s important to understand that creating and maintaining attainable goals is some what of a skill. You need to understand your limitations, know what you can commit to it, and most importantly be realistic in your approach.

I’m no expert on setting and achieving goals, but through my successes in sticking to my goals I’ve learned a few things along the way. Here are my tips and tricks to hopefully set you up for success and help you achieve your dreams!

Know what you’re capable of accomplishing: This is the number one thing to consider before you sit down to set goals. We’ve all fallen victim to idealizing our abilities and schedules, allotting too little time for too many things. It’s imperative that you’re realistic with what you can accomplish and how quickly it can be done. If you’re honest with yourself in this way from the beginning, you won’t have to experience the disappointment that comes with falling short of something that was unattainable from the start.

Keep your goals specific: If your goals are too general, you’ll most likely struggle with where to start. When you don’t know how to start working at a goal, you’ll end up feeling discouraged. So when you’re writing or thinking about your goals, always ask yourself if you can be more specific. This will definitely help you in the long run!

Maintain manageable steps to achieving it: Creating steps to achieving something will keep you grounded. This really helps in preventing feeling overwhelmed or discouraged as you work towards something. Not only does this help you break down your goal, but it also helps you manage your time line.

Have a reasonable time line: You’re already busy and you never know what life will throw at you. Keep this in mind if you have a time frame for achieving your goal. Make sure you keep things manageable and don’t become discouraged if you miss a deadline you set out for yourself, just adjust!

Share your goal and progress! When other people know about a goal you’ve set, they’re likely to check in and talk about it with you. In many ways, this helps you hold yourself to it!