How to fight the “I can’t do this” feeling

Truth bomb: millennials have it hard. We’re coming out of college with more debt, there are fewer job opportunities, the price of living is unreasonably high, and let’s be honest, we’re left feeling unprepared for adulthood (adulting is hard, this book can help)

The point is, many of us have felt the full weight of these disadvantages. We hit the apex of discouragement and frustration and then we say it, “I can’t do this.” Sometimes it’s just a statement of exhaustion, but sometimes it’s an internal feeling.

If you’re feeling in a funk and are starting to lack the motivation to continue fighting the good fight, take a look at these tips that helped me through a recent low.

Take a deep breath and gather some perspective: close your eyes and take three deep, slow breathes. This will actually calm you down. Put your problems into perspective, how much will this set back your career or relationships? Will this blow over or resolve itself in a few days? A week?

Due diligence, good things come to those who wait: They say it’s true, honestly I’m still waiting (ha) to find out for myself. But the biggest take away is just not to rush towards the future. Maybe things aren’t ideal today, but that could change as quickly as tomorrow.

Pull your hair back and get it done: Maybe good things come to people who wait, but good things also come to people who work. If your in an unideal position in your personal or professional life, actively try to change it. There are always steps you can take, you’re never truly stuck anywhere

Create a support system: Have specific people you can talk to. Sometimes it’s not easy to express that you’re not doing well. Pick people who you trust that will give you honest, positive, and insightful feedback.

Have something to look forward to: It’s a lot easier to chug through the lows when there’s a reward or goal in sight. Maybe you have fun dinner plans on Saturday or a promising job interview a few weeks off. Whatever it may be, hold on to those positive things.

And finally remember, life will always have highs and lows. Maybe you feel like you can’t keep going, but remember it’s just that: a feeling.IMG_0288