Behind the blogger

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So what’s this blog about?
I more or less would categorize this as a lifestyle blog. But not the kind of lifestyle that’s over glamorized and out of reach. This lifestyle is about self growth and self discovery.

I want to be raw and real about the post grad life. I want to talk about the in between of knowing who you want to be and the journey that gets you there. I’m not afraid to speak candidly about my failures and what I learn from them as I go.

So what should readers expect?
I offer tips and advice, but no definitive solutions. I like to talk about my own self growth journey and the steps I take to better myself in hopes that it resonates with someone else. I also want to start sprinkling in some current event type pieces, not just to keep things well rounded but to push myself in terms of my own writing capabilities.

What connects me to my my blog?

I have a passion for both writing and sciences, which both of my degrees are in. I hope to incorporate more current science pieces into my blog in the future.

I’ve also always been incredibly expressive. So two months after I graduated, I found myself in a new city needing a creative outlet. Blogging has been a way to stay connected with myself through such a big life change.

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