Baby Shower Ideas: Themes, Games, and DIY Favors!

Having a baby is a blessing and as such should be celebrated. One of the most common ways to celebrate expecting parents is of course with a baby shower!

My baby and I were showered with so much love and were thrown multiple celebrations by different groups of friends and family. While we were lucky to be shown so much love and support, we fully recognize that planning a shower can be a lot of work and sometimes stressful when it comes to logistics. Between themes, games, prizes, food, favors, and decor, there’s so much to consider!

This post is full of tips and ideas from my baby shower experiences that will help make your celebration memorable!


Choosing a theme for a baby shower helps to tie decor and activities together. The theme can be reflected in everything from decor and invitations to food and favors!

We can bearly wait!

This is a sweet, gender neutral theme to consider if you’re planning a baby shower. What little kid doesn’t have a teddy bear that they love?

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Decor for this theme was made especially easy with the help of Amazon! We got these assorted balloons and the banner pictured above. We went far beyond what was included to create the balloon display for our backdrop though, it took us two hours to blow up all the balloons and put together this massive balloon arch. To finish off our backdrop we got sage green baby blocks to go with it all, it was truly picture perfect! I’ll always cherish the family photos we got in front of this set up.

Amazon also had us covered with themed table clothes, plates, and napkins. Our cake was actually a Walmart cake doctored up by Steve’s sister, I was genuinely moved to tears by how cute it came out! It was also delicious, I was craving lots of sweets during my pregnancy and with multiple baby showers I definitely got my cake fix!

Finally, for party favors that fit the theme we got these adorable teddy bear key chains.


The momcherlorette is such a fun theme to celebrate with motherhood with your girlfriends. If you haven’t caught on yet, it’s a play on a bachelorette for moms-to-be!

With friends coming in from out of town, my momcherlorette was a whole weekend celebration! The festivties included a big potluck dinner, a baby shower brunch, and a themed party where everyone dressed up as a famous or iconic mom.

Below, from left to right, we’re dressed up as the mom from the movie Mean Girls, pregnant popstar Rihanna, and iconic 80s fitness mom Jane Fonda. In our party, others dressed up as Wilma Flintstone, Kourtney Kardashian, and Moira from Schitt’s Creek to name a few. This video sums up the themed party pretty perfectly!

Our little pumpkin

This is the perfect theme for a fall baby shower! We incorporated “our little pumpkin” through invitations, decor, and activities. Getting games going was made easy with this themed party pack. With this theme decorating can also be super simple, if you usually get festive for fall use that same decor (or borrow from someone who does!)

A fun touch is to get a plastic pumpkin to use as a guestbook! Have guests sign the pumpkin in sharpie and leave a note for expecting parents and/or the baby-to-be!


No party is complete without some entertaining activities. Here are some of the games I’ve enjoyed playing at baby showers:

Guess how many

Fill up a container with a fun treat and have guests estimate how many treats are inside. At my baby shower we guessed the number of skittles in the baby bottle!

Guess who?

This is a fun baby shower game, but it does require some prep and planning! Have each guest bring a picture of themselves as a baby. Assign a number to each photo and display them on a board or table. Create game cards with the number of baby pictures and blank spaces for guesses!

What age are Mom and Dad?

Another photo guessing game, but this one is focused on the expecting parents! Have several pictures of dad and/or mom-to-be at different ages. Assign a number to each photo and display them on a board or table. Create game cards with the number of baby pictures and blank spaces for guesses!

How big is mommy’s belly?

Have everyone guess just how big mom’s belly is! We got this cute kit that came with measuring tape, pencils, and guessing cards.

DIY Favors

Favors are a great way to show your appreciation for your guests! I had a lot of fun putting together prizes and favors for my baby shower.

“Boys are the bomb!” gift bags

These little gift bags make for a perfect prize or party favor if you’re expecting a little boy! I used these baby blue bath bombs from Amazon and included bubbles and rubber ducks from the dollar store.

Cheeky champagne bottles

These make for a great gender neutral prize/favor! I bought mini champagne bottles and adorned them with bows and tags with phrases like “ready to pop,” “for mom-osas,” and “baby making potion.”

With a little planning and creativity, throwing a baby shower can be a fun and rewarding experience. Don’t forget to show your gratitude by sending thank you cards!

If you need advice on creating a registry prior to your baby shower, check out this post!