Welcome back to Wait, Why? Podcast! 2 Year Anniversary Special + more!

Welcome back to Wait, Why? My best friend Tori and I have set out to investigate questions, interests, and popular thought through a relaxed, relatable, open conversation on this podcast!

Wait, Why? Podcast has just hit it’s two year anniversary and there is so much new content and life updates already out for you all! Not to mention all the big things to come. One of our biggest updates is that we’re bringing you new episodes weekly now! Here’s a list of our latest episodes that you may have missed.

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Episode 43: Why be more open about our mental health?

This week Tori and Hannah open up about their experiences with mental health and discuss why it’s important to be more open about mental health issues. 

Episode 44: Why is everything so expensive right now?

Tori and Hannah discuss the rising price of living and why inflation is happening.

Episode 45: Why do we like to listen to true crime?

This week Tori and Hannah talk about true crime. They discuss why, especially as women, we are fascinated with these heartbreaking stories.

Episode 46: Why celebrate? Our 2 Year Anniversary Special!

This week is an especially exciting episode, Hannah and Tori celebrate the second anniversary of Wait, Why? Podcast!

Episode 47: Why do people get married?

This week Tori and Hannah talk about American wedding traditions and their origins as well as some strange but interesting international marriage rituals.

Episode 48: Why are some people built differently?

From professional race car drivers to Nobel Peace Prize recipients, this week Tori and Hannah discuss what makes people successful and why some people are just built differently.

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