Hiking trails I hit this June (New England Area!)

If there’s anything you should put before yourself it’s the planet, and there are so many different ways to do this. At times it may be hard to see why the little steps you take make a difference to the big picture, but think of it this way: If every person did at least one thing to protect & make the world a better place, that’s literally a billion small changes. We still have the ability to advocate for this earth and build a better future for this planet, it is our job to reject the idea that it’s “too late”. 

My goal for the month of June was not just to protect the planet (biking, recycling, skipping the straw, paper over plastic bags, useable water bottle ..), but to do a little exploring of it locally too. I set out on a journey to hike a new path every week for the month of June

Although we often feel surrounded by suburbia, high rises, and concrete, you can always find nooks and crannies that have been set aside to preserve and conserve. I’m fairly certain you can find a hiking or walking trail within a 10 mile radius of just about any major US city. So no excuses! Take advantage of the nature this country has to offer and remember that utilizing and showing respect for our national parks is what their existence thrives on. 

Here are the trails I hit in NY/NJ and Massachusetts this June. Hopefully this can inspire you to show a little love for your local landscapes this summer too!

(Special thanks to all my friends and family who came along on my adventures this month!)

IMG_0999.JPGWatchung Reservation (Watchung, NJ)

Watchung is an old familiar spot from high school. A 2,000 acre reservation home to horse stables and a lake, there are endless trail and exploration possibilities. Watchung is also home to a Weird New Jersey myth, but I’ll let you look into that one.

IMG_1112Wildcat Ridge Hawkwatch (Rockaway, NJ)

My local friends from Denville, NJ suggested this trail on the first Saturday in June! It was a hot day and a heavy inclined hike, but absolutely worth it for the expansive view from the top. You could even see the NYC skyline off in the distance!

IMG_1222Crowell Conservation Area (Duxbury, MA)

Fun fact: this area was actually a cranberry bog from 1910-2010. It’s a marsh pond now with a trail around it. I probably saw the most unique wildlife on this trail than any other!

IMG_1350Crawley Woodlands Preserve (Plymouth, MA)

Ian and I brought my Dad to this trail to kick off Father’s Day! It was a nice walk around a brook that opened up into a decent sized pond, featuring this rustic wooden overpass. Be careful if you check this trail out for yourself, there were quite a few fallen trees we had to traverse over!

IMG_1571Blue Hills Reservation Houghton Pond (Milton, MA)

Houghton Pond is just one small part of the huge reservation that is Blue Hills. We were pleasantly surprised to find people swimming and picnicking along the beach front of the pond. Located in Milton, right outside of the city of Boston, the reservation has a number of trails to explore. I definitely plan to go back, as I felt we only scratched the surface of this place!