To my Galentines


They say the friends you meet in college are the friends you’ll have your whole life, yet I still never could have expected to be graced with the gals I know. In fact, we’ve got a girl gang to rival Taylor Swift’s circa 2016.

With them I’m always in my comfort zone, always my best self. I knew I could walk into Michelle and Sam’s room to find the futon & beds occupied by all my favorite people, Sex and the City on the TV, and a bowl of chocolate waiting on the coffee table. I knew I could count on them for every Victoria Secret Fashion Show, friends-giving, secret santa, galentines day, and birthdays. Feeling lonely was impossible when everyone was just a few minutes away.

Four years have passed, we’ve grown and changed, but this group will always remain the ultimate girl gang. From Jacksonville to New Jersey, Buffalo to Boston, I wanted to let all this ladies know how much I appreciate them this Galentines day (so naturally I matched you all with TV characters and wrote a quick bit about why you’re so loved).

Anna (Erin Hannon, The Office) If you meet Anna and she’s not bubbly, you’ve met her on a rare day. She may make an occasional ditzy comment, but don’t be fooled because this nurse has brains. Anna’s always up for an adventure, and no doubt knows where to get the best breakfast & coffee along the way.

Amy (Max Black, 2 Broke Girls) When I first met Amy, I knew she’d fit in perfectly from her sarcastic wit alone. She knows how to fill every day with fun, but if you want to see her thrive catch her on a Sunday. She’ll never turn down brunch, tacos, or pizza (p.s thanks for introducing me to Big E).

Chloe (DJ Tanner, Full House) You sometimes wonder how one person can stay so positive through all the activities she balances and all the stress life throws at her. Chloe is sensitive to what other people are feeling and will always hear you out. She’s my favorite person to make a snack and throw on the Office with while cuddling in a twin bed (even over Ian).

Kaylie (Jackie Burkhart, That’s 70s Show) Kaylie’s a girl’s girl, always a good time and a good laugh. Our friendship was destined for greatness from the first time we met, considering it was a Friday night at Hoptinger. She’s the kind of friend who makes you want to be a better person because she’s so amazing (does crossfit, is vegan, goes to church …).

Lauri (Effy Stoneham, Skins) Our friendship may be quiet at times, but it holds such an important place in my heart. Unbelievably loyal, sporty, and cute (might be describing a golden retriever). Some of the best moments with this girl have been cracking a beer, sitting on her floor, and watching Bates Motel.

Mara (Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City): Well spoken in conversation and in her writing, this girl knows how to fight for what’s right. With the tiny gap between her perfect smile and the most contagious laugh, you can only imagine how well she works a room. She knows how to put together an outfit and can rock literally any hair style.

Michelle (Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl): Michelle walks into a room and everything instantly feels fabulous. Chit-chat, brunch, and long walks are her forte. She knows the best brands of low calorie popcorn but also knows how well cinnamon buns cure a hangover.

Sam (Samantha Jones, Sex and the City): Fully knows the meaning of living carefree. If you have a mental imagine of the starving artist, you’re probably imagining an apartment covered in art and tapestries, thrift store jeans and flannels, and yoga mats on the back porch: that’s Sam. She’s the kind of friend that will drop anything at any hour if someone needs her.

Tori (Rachel Green, Friends): Hands down one of the most genuine and truest friends I’ve ever come to know. Laughs exceptionally hard at all my bad jokes, provides emotional support on a daily basis, and is the sole reason I survived my crazy freshman year roommate. You can’t describe Tori without using the word environmentalist: from composting to camping, Tori is the ultimate outdoor girl.



We are all such strong and unique individual women, but when we come together we vibe as one. I’d go anywhere and do anything for these girls. Happy Valentines day ladies.