Declutter 101

Why declutter?
Because you’ll feel oh so accomplished. Speaking from experience, organizing your space creates a sense of peace, something we all need in this crazy life.

Where to begin
Looking at your living space and thinking about all the potential for organization can be overwhelming. The idea behind my decluttering methods are to compartmentalize your living space and treat each section as it’s own project.

Here are projects that made me feel most organized when working towards my goal to declutter.

Declutter your closet
This was my biggest project, and depending on your closet size yours may be even bigger. Downsizing and reutilizing your closet space will be well worth the work you put in, just follow these steps to keep it simple!
time it took: 1 hour 15 minutes
Plan of attack
– The easiest way to start is by taking out the clothes you don’t wear. Get a bag (or two) to fill. Selling or donating second hand is super easy. Use apps like let go and poshmark to sell online or go to places like platos closet or local thrift shops to sell in person. Nothing like organizing and putting some money in your pocket.  These same steps apply to dresser drawers too.

– People organize their closets differently. Some prefer by color, by my trick is by clothing type. So my closet runs from skirts to dresses to rompers on one side (I have a walk in) and jackets to long sleeves to short sleeves on the other. Find a way to organize your clothes that fits you best, it cuts back on time picking out outfits in the morning.

– Shelves and bins greatly reduce closet clutter. For me, shelving helps keep my shoes organized. I use bins and small trunks for bathing suits, pajamas, socks and winter jackets.

Pro tip:  If you live in winter weather a scarf hanger is a MUST.

Clean out your inbox
Honestly, so simple and so satisfying! Sit on your couch and put on an Office rerun. This can be done on your phone or computer, whichever’s easiest!
time it took: 20 minutes
Plan of attack
– If you have multiple email addresses, I’d recommend using your phone (if you have all your emails hooked up to your phone). Select the “all inboxes option” to make this go by even faster.
– Simply scroll through your emails and click on the ones that you no longer read or are just all together spam.
– At the bottom of each email, there’s an option to unsubscribe. I promise you this takes just as long as the time it takes for you to select all your emails and mark them as ‘read’ or delete them. Whichever you do.

*update: your iphone will actually let you know if you’re receiving emails from a mailing list. Click into the email and at the top there will be an option to unsubscribe*

Reorganize your thinking space

This could be your desk, your bookshelf, your bedside table. Whichever you do (I did all 3) the same tips generally apply.
Time it took: 45 minutes
Plan of attack
– Kick some of those knick knacks. Sure they’re cute but they can start to get cluttered. Reduce it to your favorite 3.
– Go through your pens. Find a scratch sheet of paper and make sure the pens your holding onto actually work. If not, toss them!
– Folders and binders. These are so key in keeping paperwork in order (having paperwork, so adult right?). Keep things labeled so you’re not shuffling through piles of paper when you’re looking for your old job handbook or receipts from Christmas when your Aunt decides she wants to return the slippers you bought her. Purchase a low cost desk organizer to further sort your folders.
– Designate your drawers, this way everything has a place to be (this is KEY is you live with your significant other).

time it took: 1 hour
Plan of attack
– Stock piling toiletries? Bag em and donate them! If you’re anything like me you have hundreds of mini lotions and shampoos from hotels. Local shelters typically accept donations of this kind.
– Check expiration dates. A lot of toiletries expire, which people don’t always realize. Trash em or recycle em.
– Compartmentalize your space. Shelving and storage bins are a huge help in our small bathroom.