Very Merry Mason Jars

Now I’m not one to usually give DIY tutorials, but this is such a treasured time of year for me. I love getting in the spirit by letting my creativity flow, so I thought I’d share the outcome this year! These mason jars make for perfect dinner table center pieces, coffee table accents, or festive decoration for that table in your front hallway. Decorations on a budget, all of which I’ve assigned a cute Christmas name to ( because I just couldn’t help it).

Have yourself a Berry Little Christmas


This gem is made from all holiday house hold items: cranberries, tea lights, and some tree trimmings. The combination is such a classic Christmas look.

the Night Before Christmas


So simple and so festive! This one requires looking outside the house, but who could pass up a chance to go to Michaels. Snowflake stickers for $1.99 and a miniature tree for $2.99. (I know targets dollar section has some cute trees too) Add twinkle lights or gold wire to the inside for a shimmery finish.

Walking in a Minty Wonderland

IMG_6488Last years mints and candy canes are perfect for repurposing for this holiday vase! I used fake flowers for my vase (guilty of not being able to keep flowers alive during this hectic time of year), but any local Christmas tree stop will sell live Poinsettas.

2 thoughts on “Very Merry Mason Jars

  1. Wow I love this! Such a good and creative idea, I know some of my family would love to revive one of these at Christmas. I’m in love with the tre and snowflake one x x


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