Into the New Year: Leaving Negativity Behind


When I began to think about resolutions this year, I came up with a list of ways to be better. But the more I looked over the list the more I realized that a lot of things I want to change in my life have to deal with being more positive and self-loving. Looking back on 2016, it was filled with quite a bit of negativity. As a woman in college, I find that there are a number of things that contribute to negativity in my life. Stress from classes can lead to self doubt and questioning of self worth when I don’t feel I’m performing well enough, or societal peer pressure leads to self shaming. I even find that the people around me who are at times in their own bouts of negativity contribute to my own.

Yet being more positive actually isn’t that easy. It’s hard to decide to be more positive and wake up the next day and just do it. So here’s my thoughts, my ideas to bring more smiles and a little more happiness to the new year.

No more self shaming. The only person who determines your self worth is you. So don’t let you be the one whose bringing you down by saying you’re not good enough or pretty enough. Carry yourself with confidence, let it radiate how much you love yourself this year.

Failure is no longer a reflection of ability. Life is not about being perfect at absolutely everything. As much as bad grades, rejection, and loss can be an absolute downer, it doesn’t have to mean that YOU are a failure. Take these times to learn lessons and be open to other possibilities and opportunities to better yourself. Most importantly, shake off the negative and keep moving forward.

Healthy body, healthy mind.  Mood is heavily related to exercise. Often times it’s hard not to feel bad for yourself when things don’t seem to be going right. This year, instead of being down and out, get up and out ! Channeling negativity into exercise can be not only stress relieving, but an instant mood booster ! So instead of grabbing the ben & jerry’s and a laptop for Netflix, head to the gym, grab a yoga mat or even just go on a walk for a better way to boost your mentality and flip your mood around.

Take time to be proud of yourself. When you’re constantly loaded with work and seem to have a never ending to do list, it’s not often that we look at what we have done and reflect on our achievements. So this year, take the time to look at what you’ve done and be proud of them ! Take the time to tell yourself that you are awesome and that your accomplishments are worth while.

Let your positivity be contagious. Just as being negative can be contagious, so can being positive. Speak to people positivity, don’t talk aspects of your life in a negative light or speak poorly about others for the sake of conversation. The more your present yourself as positive to others, the more it will spread and inspire others to be positive !