Spring 2020- Introduction & Announcements

Hello everyone, it’s Hannah! The gal behind Thoughts and Thank Yous. I’m stopping in on this Friday for a formal hello and to give you all some updates happening around my website!



One of the most important and likely most obvious updates is that I’ve done away with the name Thoughts and Thank Yous. My website is now Hannah N Knighton (hannahnknighton.com). As my professional life comes into clearer focus, I wanted my blog, website, and social media channels to exist in harmony and be a more cohesive representation of me!

When I created my blog in the very beginning of 2016, Thoughts and Thank Yous sounded like the perfect place where all my musings could live. In the four years since creating my blog, I still have many thoughts and much to be thankful for. But both myself and my blog are growing.

My newly enlightened goal on this space is to connect individuals from diverse career and racial backgrounds who have a desire to be informed and enlightened on environment, sustainability, nature, and wildlife topics. I hope to provide resources that lend to informed choices for our lifestyle by producing content that explores where spirit, science, and self intersect.

In addition to the name change, my website pages have been updated. Feel free to explore!

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About me


There are a lot of new faces around my website so one of my other top priorities here is to say hi and introduce myself!

I’m Hannah Nicole Knighton! I’m 24 and pursuing a career in science journalism with a focus on wildlife and environment. I have an earthy soul and constantly find myself drawn to nature. While my studies have focused on the ocean I’m equally drawn to terrestrial landscapes like lakes and mountains.

I’m an expressive individual, which is why I’ve turned my passion for understanding and connecting to the natural world into a career where I can communicate my love to others, and maybe even provoke a few to be more tender and loving towards the world too.

You can learn a bit more about me here and read some of my published writing here.

I would love to get to know you all more too! Feel free to engage in the comments or use the contact form at the bottom of my about me page for more formal inquiries, chats, etc! Let’s socialize on Instagram and Twitter too!

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Many of you have come on board since I started #ecoenlightened. Here’s an important update on that end: in the light of all the coronavirus news and associated stress and anxiety, I’ve decided for the time being Eco Enlightened will be a bi-weekly blurb opposed to weekly. I think the world is feeling bogged down by the news lately, and while I still think environmental awareness and literacy is incredibly important I don’t want the #ecoenlightened mission to add to that heaviness.

So in the future, keep an eye on your email every other Friday for Eco Enlightened!