Eco Enlightened April 3, 2020

Hello, welcome back to eco enlightened! Bringing you the environmental news everyone should know.

In the light of all the coronavirus news and associated stress & anxiety, I’ve decided for the time being Eco Enlightened will be a bi-weekly blurb opposed to weekly. I think the world is feeling bogged down by the news lately, and while I still think environmental awareness and literacy is incredibly important I don’t want the #ecoenlightened mission to add to that heaviness.

So for the time being, tune in bi-weekly to stay #ecoenlightened!

The Daily Skimm 4.1.20“Trumps Environmental Rollbacks Find Opposition Within: Staff Scientists”

“Australia’s Record Heat Means Another Blow to the Great Barrier Reef”

The Daily Skimm 4.2.20

Chicks for Climate