Three everyday products that reduce plastic waste!



Or at least reduce! Sharing 3 products that I use pretty much everyday that help minimize plastic waste!


1. Myro Deodorant : Myro is an all-natural plant-based deodorant that uses a refillable case! You can buy refills individually or get them set to monthly shipments (aka never go out to buy deodorant again). Myro’s methods reduce plastic waste by about 50% compared to traditionally packaged stick deodorants.

Watch these videos to see more of my myro!

2. Fountain pen: my fountain pen is one of my favorite belongings because I write so much! The small ink cartridges are far less waste than plastic disposable pens.

Watch this video to see more of my fountain pen!

3. Reusable ziploc bags: when I first got these I wasn’t sure how often I would actually use it, but it’s become a staple in my kitchen! I use it to store foods in the fridge or to pack lunch in for work, they’re very convenient and multi use!

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