JORD Wood Watches: Everything you need to know (and a giveaway)!

Right on time for the New Year: JORD’s gorgeous wooden watches

It’s officially the holiday season, the new year (and with it a new decade) is upon us, and it feels like life couldn’t be moving faster. I’ve got an exciting, and busy, next few weeks ahead of me. I’m trying not to let the time slip by, I want to live in and enjoy every moment!

In the name of time, my new JORD watch has been my go to time piece this season. I’m excited to share with you everything I love about JORD and host a giveaway!

Trust me, you need JORD in your life: here’s why

Some wooden watch companies want you to break the bank, but JORD provides elegant style and great craftsmanship at reasonable prices (the only thing better? Winning a watch!)


I’m the type who loves to have standout watch pieces. I only have a few because I’m so particular about the style. JORD watches are the perfect accessory both as an everyday staple or to dress up an outfit with: I’ve worn it to Thanksgiving dinner and out celebrating my 5 year anniversary!


They also make great gifts, for him or for her!

 AND they can be engraved. Not only that, you can custom your JORD watch further by mixing different woods and faces.


Let’s talk sustainable fashion

Wood watches are on trend with sustainable fashion and JORD’s elegant watches are made largely from reclaimed materials! We all know how important a sustainable wardrobe is to me (I’ve talked about it here and here before). Aside from simply being a stunning piece, one of my favorite parts about JORD is the sustainable seal behind the brand!

A majority of the wood comes from furniture remnants.  It takes very small pieces to create the cases and individual links so JORD is able to utilize what would otherwise end up in a waste cycle.

What’s not made  of furniture remnants, like the Bamboo and Maple, are sourced completely sustainably. And, all of their Koa comes from damaged trees or trees that were brought down by a natural weather event.

It’s such a great feeling to find a time piece that’s both beautifully crafted and sustainably sourced!


When JORD reached out to me, I felt like their brand’s mission and aesthetic instantly clicked with me! That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing JORD with you all through this amazing giveaway!

Enter to win $100 off your own JORD watch!

  • The winner will receive a $100 gift code toward the purchase of any watch in JORD’s collection!
  • The winner will be emailed in a month, after the contest has concluded.
  • Even if you don’t win you can still receive a 10% off gift code!


Thanks to JORD for sponsoring this post!

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