5 steps towards a noticeably whiter smile

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness” – William Arthur Ward



While this may be one of the easier ways to whiten, especially since whitening strips are widely available, they’re not ideal for long term results! Strips don’t stay on long enough to properly open pores (yes, your teeth have pores just like your skin!) and they tend to not reach all angles of the teeth.


Perfectly white teeth don’t come overnight, and if something claims it does it’s probably too good to be true!


The best time to whiten your teeth is before bed! This is because teeth are especially sensitive to re-staining after you whiten because your teeth’s pores are still open. Whitening before bed gives you all night before re-introducing food/drink that could potentially cause staining.


The ideal delivery method for teeth whitening is custom trays! This allows for all angles of each tooth to be whitened to the fullest.


Read to the end of this post to find out how!


Growing confidence: my smile journey

Having a smile I can confidently show has been a long road for me. It began all the way back in the third grade with a palette expander, then surgery to remove teeth, a few years with braces, a few years without, only to get them back on.

As a freshman in high school I finally had straight teeth, and that’s when I realized just how much a perfect smile boosted my confidence and erased my social anxiety. There’s nothing like a warm smile to start a conversation, make a new friend, or cheer someone up! With my teeth straightened but my smile not quite perfect, my whitening journey began.

I was all about quick fixes, whitening toothpaste to start, then white strips, and then graduating to store-brand, 5-minute whitening gel that goes directly onto your teeth. While I had results, everything was temporary. Sure, it removed surface stains, but I never saw lasting results. I knew there was the option of teeth bleaching at the dentist’s office, but the price was far too high! Ultimately, I felt that permanent whitening was out of reach for me. That was until Smile Brilliant came along.


Smiling Brighter with Smile Brilliant

I have to say that Smile Brilliant approached me at the perfect time. There’s more to my smile journey than what I’ve already shared. After my retainers broke while in college, my straight smile slowly started to fade (fun fact: teeth have a type of memory, meaning that when they start to get crooked again, they’re going back to exactly where they were before). To make a long story short, I decided to get Invisalign to re-correct the crookedness. I had just finished up with it when Smile Brilliant came to me!

Once again with a straight smile, the next step to perfection was whitening! I had seen Smile Brilliant before and knew they were behind all the instagram-white smiles I saw online!

Smile Brilliant comes straight to your mailbox and provides you with high quality, at home teeth whitening. I could hardly believe how easy the whole process was! I know I’ve been talking a lot about white AND straight teeth, but one of the best parts about Smile Brilliant is that you don’t need perfectly straight teeth because your trays are CUSTOM MADE to fit your smile!

Whether I was having a self-care moment, reading, blogging, or working on writing for my master’s program, I could incorporate Smile Brilliant into my routine with ease. The trays are soft and comfortable, so it’s super easy to just put them in and forget about them for a while.

The most amazing results

I couldn’t be happier with my noticeably-whiter smile! I’ve received so many compliments on my smile since I started using Smile Brilliant. IMG_1986

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